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How to export a car from UAE to GCC countries ?

First of all, it’s necessary to have the Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) pass certificate.

Then the following paperwork are required for shipping to GCC countries:

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate.

  • Police paper about the vehicle.

  • Insurance documents.

  • Passport (copies are a must).

  • Visa in the UAE.

  • Visa in the country you are shipping to (unless a citizen of that country).

Destination address with at least 2 working contact numbers.

Exporting a new car into GCC countries, the customer must pay a duty fee (5% percent of the cars value in GCC countries).

Exporting a used car into GCC countries there is no 5% duty fee to pay.

The preferred Shipping method is by land and it could be by:

A- Recovery vehicles or trucks can move you vehicle from country to country .

And usually the transit time is :

2 Days for Dammam and Riyadh .

3 Days for Jeddah.

5 Days for Kuwait

3 Days for Qatar

3 Days for Bahrain

1 Day for Oman

B-Drive the vehicle yourself.

If you choose to use a recovery vehicle for delivery, it’s mandatory to inform the RTA of which company you are using.

If you choose to drive the vehicle , the journey must be done within 14 days of receiving export plates from the RTA. Make note, the vehicle must be insured and you must be a resident of one of those countries.

Below are certain regulations you’ll have to note before exporting:

Exporting to Saudi Arabia

No vehicle over five years can be imported.

The vehicle must not have been used as a taxi or police car.

Steering wheel must be mounted on the left-hand side. If the vehicle was originally right-hand drive and converted to left, it is not allowed into Saudi Arabia.

Importing a 4X4, the customer most prove that their family lives in Saudi Arabia.

Vehicles with more than five seats are classified as commercial vehicles and can only be registered by a company not an individual.

Accident vehicles are not allowed either.

Exporting to Oman

Vehicle must not be older than seven years.

Steering wheel must be on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

Omani nationals can import unlimited vehicles, non-Omani nationals over the age of 18 can import only one vehicle for private use.

Exporting to Bahrain

Vehicle must be no older than five years.

Left-hand drive vehicles only.

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