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Shifting home from GCC to Jordan?

All that you need to know about moving furniture from GCC countries to Jordan.

In this article we will explain the procedures of shifting home /furnitures from GCC countries to Jordan.

Land freight / land transport is the most popular choice to move furnitures from GCC countries to Jordan because of the following:

1- Transit time : transit time for moving home from GCC countries to Jordan is faster comparing to sea freight.

In general transit time from GCC countries to Jordan as below:

UAE to Jordan : 5 days

KSA to Jordan : 3 days

Qatar to Jordan: 4 days

Kuwait to Jordan: 5 days

Oman to Jordan: 4 days

2- Cost effective as land freight is much cheaper than sea and air freight.

3-Less paper work comparing to sea and air freight.

First thing to do is to choose the right land freight company that will be able to shift your home from GCC to Jordan on time without any damage.

Then you need to know the paperwork.

To shift furniture from GCC to Jordan you need to submit:

1- Packing list: full description of all items that need to be shift , weight , quantity , dimensions .

2- Invoice: price per item and total price.

3-Certificate of origin .

4-Passport copy

5-Visa cancellation or one of the following:

A- Termination letter

B- Resignation letter .

6-Full address in Jordan.

7-Two working contact numbers in Jordan.

The above first 3 documents can be done by the land freight forwarder and usually the charge of chambered invoice and certificate of origin is 500 AED .

The remaining documents the furniture owner need to arrange and to hand it over to the land freight forwarder .

Packing and palatalization:

All the items should be well packed and palletized , most of the land freight companies provide packing and palletizing service and the cost could be between 1500 AED to 3000 AED or little more, depends on the quantity of the items.

As well you need to know that there is no customs duty on the below used items :

A- Personal items(used)

B-Furniture and home appliance ( used)

C-Electronics : maximum two pieces from each type , except :

1-Video Camera: one peace allowed

2-Office electronic: like scanners , printers , routers , one piece only allowed .

3-Satellite receivers ,PVRs : one piece only allowed.

4-Music instruments : one piece only allowed.

5-Laptops: one piece only allowed.

6-Carpets : the allowed size is up to 50sm.

Categories that benefit from duty free shifting for ONE TIME Only :

1-Married Jordanian citizen with family that decided to move to Jordan for permanent stay.

2-Single Jordanian citizen that decided to move to Jordan for permanent stay, after approving that he was staying abroad single without family.

Terms and conditions to avoid paying customs duty:

1-To stay abroad for five years or more.

2-To approve that the concern person is no more staying abroad and willing to shift to Jordan for permanent stay by presenting one of the following:

A-Visa cancellation.

B-An official termination letter.

C-Attested Jordanian tangency contract or house ownership documents (In case the concern person owns a home in Jordan).

D-Children's school registration documents in one of the Jordanian private or government schools.

The concern person should visit the customs office upon the arrival of the materials to the customs authorities yard.

If he is not available , then there will be security deposit to be paid to the customs authorities and it can be refund after visiting the the customs authorities within 4 months.

If exceeds the 4 months then the deposit payment will not be refundable and it will be considered as paid customs duty.

As well the concern person is allowed to shift home without paying duty for one time only , otherwise duty will be applicable.

Moreover , within 60 days from the customs clearance date the concern person should submit the above documents ( Visa cancelation or termination letter ..etc) otherwise the security deposit will not be refundable.

Finally we are in Global Logistics offering Door to Door moving service from all GCC countries to Jordan.

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