1- As per UAE customs authorities each company registered  in UAE should appoint an authorized clearance agent


 2-The  Authorized clearance agent will act as the company representative in front of the customs authorities and will be responsible to clear the company shipments and to solve any issues related to shipping documents, overweight, duties etc.


3- In Ghuwaifat Border there are 21 clearance agents offices and they are charging clearance fees   50 AED to 150 AED or more, depends on the agreement between the company and the clearance agent.


4- Other fees to be paid in Ghuwaifat Border: 270 AED cross borders fees and 10 AED printing and faxing fees.


Before assigning any clearance agent, there are important questions  to be asked:


1-Is he sending daily reports related to the in-transit shipments?

2-Is he sending borders last updates like policies, rules ..etc.

3-Clerance charges, it is negotiable and it could be 50 AED or 150AED.

4-Security deposit coverage,  some transit shipments needs 5% refundable security deposit to be paid to Abu Dhabi customs authorities and sometimes the amount could be huge .

Is he strong enough to pay such refundable deposit on behalf of the company?

And if yes, what will be the service fees that he will charges ?


Choosing the right clearance agent is very important to avoid detention fees which could affect the company profit.


Transport companies offering 24Hr borders free waiting time, if the clearance agent not fast enough then the transport companies will charge the company a detention of 300 AED to 500 AED per day.


Finally, we are in Global Logistics helping our clients to appoint the right clearance whom will be able to handle all type of customs clearance challenges.


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How to export a car from UAE to GCC countries ?

First of all, it’s necessary to have the Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) pass certificate.

Then the following paperwork are required for shipping to GCC countries:

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate.

  • Police paper about the vehicle.

  • Insurance documents.

  • Passport (copies are a must).

  • Visa in the UAE.

  • Visa in the country you are shipping to (unless a citizen of that country).

Destination address with at least 2 working contact numbers.

Exporting a new car into GCC countries, the customer must pay a duty fee (5% percent of the cars value in GCC countries).

Exporting a used car into GCC countries there is no 5% duty fee to pay.

The preferred Shipping method is by land and it could be by:

A- Recovery vehicles or trucks can move you vehicle from country to country .

And usually the transit time is :

2 Days for Dammam and Riyadh .

3 Days for Jeddah.

5 Days for Kuwait

3 Days for Qatar

3 Days for Bahrain

1 Day for Oman

B-Drive the vehicle yourself.

If you choose to use a recovery vehicle for delivery, it’s mandatory to inform the RTA of which company you are using.

If you choose to drive the vehicle , the journey must be done within 14 days of receiving export plates from the RTA. Make note, the vehicle must be insured and you must be a resident of one of those countries.

Below are certain regulations you’ll have to note before exporting:

Exporting to Saudi Arabia

No vehicle over five years can be imported.

The vehicle must not have been used as a taxi or police car.

Steering wheel must be mounted on the left-hand side. If the vehicle was originally right-hand drive and converted to left, it is not allowed into Saudi Arabia.

Importing a 4X4, the customer most prove that their family lives in Saudi Arabia.

Vehicles with more than five seats are classified as commercial vehicles and can only be registered by a company not an individual.

Accident vehicles are not allowed either.

Exporting to Oman

Vehicle must not be older than seven years.

Steering wheel must be on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

Omani nationals can import unlimited vehicles, non-Omani nationals over the age of 18 can import only one vehicle for private use.

Exporting to Bahrain

Vehicle must be no older than five years.

Left-hand drive vehicles only.

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