1- As per UAE customs authorities each company registered  in UAE should appoint an authorized clearance agent


 2-The  Authorized clearance agent will act as the company representative in front of the customs authorities and will be responsible to clear the company shipments and to solve any issues related to shipping documents, overweight, duties etc.


3- In Ghuwaifat Border there are 21 clearance agents offices and they are charging clearance fees   50 AED to 150 AED or more, depends on the agreement between the company and the clearance agent.


4- Other fees to be paid in Ghuwaifat Border: 270 AED cross borders fees and 10 AED printing and faxing fees.


Before assigning any clearance agent, there are important questions  to be asked:


1-Is he sending daily reports related to the in-transit shipments?

2-Is he sending borders last updates like policies, rules ..etc.

3-Clerance charges, it is negotiable and it could be 50 AED or 150AED.

4-Security deposit coverage,  some transit shipments needs 5% refundable security deposit to be paid to Abu Dhabi customs authorities and sometimes the amount could be huge .

Is he strong enough to pay such refundable deposit on behalf of the company?

And if yes, what will be the service fees that he will charges ?


Choosing the right clearance agent is very important to avoid detention fees which could affect the company profit.


Transport companies offering 24Hr borders free waiting time, if the clearance agent not fast enough then the transport companies will charge the company a detention of 300 AED to 500 AED per day.


Finally, we are in Global Logistics helping our clients to appoint the right clearance whom will be able to handle all type of customs clearance challenges.


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It is good to know!!

1- It is good to know the weight limits for each destination to avoid detention, overweight fines and shipments rejection.

Before June 2016 over weight shipments that was going from UAE to Qatar was getting overweight fines of 1500 AED to 3000 AED per truck .

But after June 2016 the rules has been changed , no more fines , overweight shipments should be returned to the port of origin ( port of loading).

Same has been applied on August 2016 for Kuwait , no more over weight shipments for 40 Ft trailers.

Normally heavy duty 40Ft trailers that can be uploaded up to 45 T was welcomed to enter to Kuwait, but after August 2016 Kuwait Customs Authorities announced the weight limits for 40Ft trailers not to exceed 24T .

2- It is good to know that loading more than one type of chemicals is prohibited.

If the port of offloading is any city in KSA , then it is prohibited to load more than one type of chemicals on the same truck.

This rules has been applied in KSA borders in the middle of 2016.

The solution for those clients whom shipping more than one type of chemicals in a single container is to use sea freight.

3- It is good to know that dry food items can be loaded only on close box and Reefer trucks .

If you are exporting dry food items to Kuwait , make sure to hire close box truck, as strats from September 2016 Kuwait Customs Authorities prohibited importing dry foods on open trailers.

4- It is good to know the road limits for heavy equipments that is going to Jordan:

If the equipment weight up to 50T then Amman Customs allows to import it on on 4 Axle Lowbed Trailer.

If the equipment weight 51T to 65T then Amman Customs allows to import it on on 6 Axle Lowbed Trailer.

If the equipment weight 66T to 75 T then Amman Customs allows import it on on 7 Axle Lowbed Trailer.

For equipments that 80 T to 120 T the minimum number of Axle should be 9.

Otherwise heavy penalties will be applied.

5- It is good to know that it should be open.

If you are exporting commodities that includes SAFE BOX make sure to keep it open or hand over the keys to the driver.

As KSA customs authorities will reject the whole shipment if the safe box is closed.

6- It is good to know that the warning labels should be posted on all the pallets or drums:

If you are loading chemical drums then make sure to post a “ Dangerous Goods “ warning labels on all the drums or pallets , other wise your shipment will not pass KSA borders.

7- It is good to know that furnitures should marked with unique serial numbers.

If you are shifting furnitures between GCC countries make sure to palletize it and to stick serial numbers on all the pallets .

As well make sure that all the serial numbers are included in the packing list with the full description for each item.

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